No one has ever thought that the beauty and wonders of the Philippines are magnificently endowed with
vibrant and
crystal clear waters that remarkably define this region in Southeast Asia as a world-class
tourist destination.

This country with a rich cultural heritage has been gifted with a mesmerizing body of water that is
currently known as
one of the frequently visited tourist attractions. Lake Caliraya is said to be creatively
fashioned out of the
inherent brilliance of man.

Geographically, it is beautifully found in three prominent municipalities namely, Cavinti, Kalayaan and
Lumban. Going back to Lake Caliraya, it was created in the year 1939 and was purposely developed as
a site for water sports. Likewise, it is suited for those types of recreations that are classified as outdoors.

The breathtaking charisma of Lake Caliraya has quite a number of enthralling resorts that will definitely
provide millions of local and foreign tourists alike, the best of worlds. Aside from these immeasurable
advantages in
Philippine Tourism, the splendid Caliraya Lake has resplendent vacation homes,
surrounding the beauteous
and sultry lake of the Filipinos. Above all, Lake of Caliraya is enjoying an
moderate climate.

Bass Fishing

The early developers (Kalaw, Nieto and the de Padua families) seeded the lake with largemouth bass, and
through the years, the lake has remained the most popular bass fishing spot in the country.

Lake Caliraya is a man-made lake situated in the municipalities of Lumban, Cavinti, and Kalayaan in
Laguna province, Philippines. Created in 1939, the lake has developed as a popular spot for water sports
and outdoor recreation including fishing. Surrounding the lake are a number of resorts catering to tourists
and vacation homes abound because of the beautiful scenery and favorable climate.
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