Paradizoo is a farm theme park in Tagaytay which we learned is the property of owners
of Zoobic in Zambales. The 10 hectares property is the home of various farm animals,
such as goats (there’s hundreds of them), one-humped camels, miniature horses (perfect
for toddler who wants to experience their first horse-back riding, some ostriches (though
not as pretty as those found in Zoobic and Avilon Zoo, native carabaos, wild pigs, bees,
ducks, and one-colored peacocks.To get around

Paradizoo, you may opt to take the golf cart. But if you’re looking for a little exercise,
touring the property by foot is also a breeze. Just make sure it did not rain the previous
night since the road may get muddy when it rained.

One attraction of
Paradizoo is the Infinity Pond of Positivism where a mini-pavilion lies on
the center. I didn’t get to take a good shot of the pond because during that time, there
were two guests who were having fun fishing. (duh!)

Let nature take its stride. This 10-hectare
self-sustained farm, even more so than a zoo
is located in Mendez, Cavite (a few minutes
drive away from Tagaytay city proper). Such
a delightful visit for  family. A place where
some farm animals are made to roam free,
best to begin with a cart drawn by an Albino
water buffalo (carabao) for a comfortable
ride around Paradizoo.

Paradizoo is a wonderful place to stroll and
have picnics. This farm also houses a lush
flower garden with a variety of the most
beautiful and exquisite flowers you can find,
a vegetable garden where you are able to
purchase some of the fresh organic produce
and a small fishing lake where you are able
to take the fish home for a small cost. Apart
from that, Paradizoo holds activities such as
greyhound racing, animal auctions,
gardening, and other educational tours. It
makes an absolutely superb experience for
adults and children alike.

Enjoying nature at its best, you will also get
to meet an eight-year-old 5-legged cow,
which I thought was quite incredible. Being
farm-friendly, you are able to have a close
encounter with the animals by feeding the
birds, pigs, rabbits and goat’s, where my son
almost confused the animal bottle for his
very own; that was hilarious! You can even
get the chance to milk a goat and purchase
fresh goat’s milk and cheese. Even a fish spa
is available if you opt to relax your feet after
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