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One of the nine (9) towns of Ifugao Province,Banaue,
is world- famous and a must-see place. Its Rice
Terraces considered as the "Eighth Wonder of the
World" and declared as a World Heritage Site, are
beautiful stairways to the sky that ascend steep
mountain sides. The guest in this hiker's paradise will
have an outstanding preview of the beautiful
countryside, surrounded by mountains and tribal
villages. These rice terraces were built by the Ifugao
tribes 2000 years ago using only their bare hands and
the most primitive tools. It is said that the length of
the terraces, if connected end to end would encircle
half of the globe.


Tam-an Village - A typical village situated 240 steps
down the anaue Hotel's swimming pool. Here
woodcarving and hand woven products are sold to

Tappiya Waterfalls - About 30 minutes from Batad
Village is a cascading waterfalls with its enormous
natural swimming pool. A visit to Batad would be
incomplete without seeing this beautiful waterfalls.

Banaue Rice Terraces - A leading tourism destination
in the country and considered the "Eighth Wonder of
the World" The rice terraces starts from the base of
the mountain range and reach up to several thousands
feet high. Streams and spring found in the mountains
were taped and channeled into irrigation canal that
run downhill through the rice terraces.

Batad Rice Terraces - These rice terraces are tried
and take the shape of an amphitheater and is located
in Barangay Batad. It can be reached by a twelve-
kilometer ride from Banaue Hotel and a two- hour
hike uphill thru mountain trails.