Boracay Island

Brilliant for travelers looking to escape the madness of Manila, Boracay
is a pleasant, romantic retreat away the coast of Panay Island, Boracay
is small, quiet, and gorgeous.
Travelers to the island can expect
everything from good windsurfing to exciting trekking, or, for romantic
travelers looking to unwind, relaxing evenings out on the beach,
cocktail in hand.

The two main beaches of Boracay, White Beach and Bulabog Beach,
offer a range of opportunities and accommodations. White Beach is a
popular tourist destination for its great deal of resorts. Boracay’s White
Beach hotels range of everything from villa-style huts to large-scale
resorts where families can relax in the hotel pool and enjoy the room
service amenities.

Boracay also offers markets and a town atmosphere for travelers
interested in bringing souvenirs back home. Guests can enjoy the peace
and quiet while relaxing out on Boracay’s beautiful white-sands
beaches. Take in some great seafood, delight in the number of
opportunities in water sports, grab a cool drink at one of the local
nightclubs or bamboo bars, or just put in a good few solid days of rest
and relaxation, Boracay is home to a clean break from the lights and

On the eastern side of Boracay Island is Bulabog Beach. It is a
boardsailor's mecca that draws enthusiasts from all over the world.
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