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Welcome Drinks                                
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Afternoon Merienda                                
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Children (5-10)                         Php 1, 125                                
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Welcome Drinks
Buffet Lunch
Afternoon Merienda
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De Luxe Room Accommodation
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Php 10, 600                
Php 14, 700                

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Php 19, 800                
Php 23, 900                
Php 29, 100                
Php 34, 300                
Php 2, 700                
Hidden Valley Springs Resort

Hidden Valley Springs Resort is a tropical
rainforest paradise located in Calauan, Laguna.

Many people mistakenly think that Hidden Valley
is located in Alaminos, Laguna but it is only the
entry point to the resort. Its actual location is in
Calauan, Laguna.

The natural springs and waterfall are surrounded
by lush vegetation, including approximately 153
species of plant life and towering Amlang trees
reported to be more than 300 years old.

There are six natural pools of Hidden Valley with
two shallow kiddie pools and one natural jacuzzi.

The other pools are:

The lovers' pool. It is located in a secluded area,
offering privacy to honeymooners.

Soda Pool. Also known as the massage springs,
these pools have a forceful flow like a jacuzzi, so
you can just lie underneath the waters to
experience water massage similar to European
spas. You also have a choice between cool and
warm water.

What was the origin of these natural springs? It
is believed that hundreds of centuries ago, a
300-feet deep crater was formed during a
volcanic upheaval (Hidden Valley is wedged
betwwen Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw).
Consequently, more than a hundred natural
springs of varying temperatures surfaced,
composed of pure mineral waters that are said to
be medicinal and rejuvenating.

Aside from swimming, another activity is hiking/
strolling in the surrounding rainforest. Be one
with nature and savour its peace and serenity:
Follow the path to scattered springs and the
"hidden waterfall" through wooden bridgeways
and stoned pathways.

For your dining needs, Hidden Valley has an
outdoor/open air restaurant that serves buffet
meals. During lunch and afternoon snacks,
guests are serenaded and entertained by a band
of folk singers. And if weather permits, the tables
and chairs are set on the garden beside the
restaurant for a starlit dinner.

RESORT FACILITIES: Warm & cold natural
swimming pools, gazebos (first come, first serve),
air-conditioned dressing rooms, shower & lockers,
restaurant and cafe, souvenir shop,
air-conditioned room accommodation with private
toilet & bath, hot & cold water, verandah or deck
providing view of the rainforest.