If this is your first time to visit Japan, then the JAPAN
ESCAPADE  is the right tour package for you. It has
already everything you wish to know about Japan just in
one visit.

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Scenic Japan  Tour Package

Experience a flexible private tour in Japan, with a friendly
personal guide from
TJ Travel and Tours. Get a local
expert's perspective on their beloved city and delve deep
into the nuances of Japanese culture. Japan is a modern
and interesting country with a robust heritage. Japan differs
greatly from its Asian neighbours as it provides a large
range of attractions, from historical and cultural treasures
to modern, futuristic sights, forests, mountains and sea
Tokyo, the capital of Japan is a magnetic mix of
urban civilization and traditional culture The city possesses
many amazing monuments, galleries, museums and parks.

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Hokkaido  Tour Package

Hokkaido (北海道, Hokkaidō) is the second largest and
least developed of Japan's four main islands. Its weather is
harsh in winter with lots of snowfall, below zero temperatures
and frozen seas, while in summer it does not get as hot and
humid as in the other parts of the country.
Hokkaido offers
appealing tourism opportunities. Try tours of movie or drama
locations, participate in wine tourism, flower viewing tours,
and more!

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Early Japan (until 710)  

Basic information

During the Jomon Period (13000 BC to 300 BC), the
inhabitants of the Japanese islands were gatherers,
fishers and hunters. Jomon is the name of the era's

During the Yayoi Period (300 BC to 300 AD), the rice
culture was imported into Japan around 100 BC. With
the introduction of agriculture, social classes started to
evolve, and parts of the country began to unite under
powerful land owners. Chinese travellers during the
Han and Wei dynasties reported that a queen called
Himiko (or Pimiku) reigned over Japan at that time.
The Yayoi period brought also the introduction of iron
and other modern  ideas from Korea into Japan. Again,
its pottery gave the period its name.
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Japan Rich Culture  Tour Package

Japan is renowned worldwide as a nation steeped in a
culture that combines both tradition and modernity.
Thousands of years as an isolated island country allowed
Japan to undergo various cultural evolutions in solitude,
creating a truly unique traditional culture. As connections
with other countries grew, Japanese tradition was
influenced and altered to create the unique culture of modern
Japan, evident in its combination of traditional concepts with
the latest technology and art that astound the rest of the world.

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Osaka Free and Easy Tour

About Osaka & Kyoto

Osaka’s attractive tourist spots such as skyscrapers, Namba
and Umeda downtown areas, and Universal Studios Japan
are everywhere. Welcome to
Osaka, where you have the
advantage to enjoy everything in one city!

Next, let the new meet old at the cultural capital of Japan.
Kyoto is a city with deep history and you will get to enjoy
“real” Japan! Be enthralled by the beautiful kimonos,
breathtaking geishas, traditional Noh theatre, serene tea
ceremonies and sacred shrines!

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Sapporo, Japan Tour

Understanding Sapporo City

Sapporo requires a bit more effort to reach. Yet, it is the
country’s fifth biggest city by population, which has
significantly grown only in the past decades.
Sapporo is
one of the youngest urban areas Japan. Before
development began to take over in 1857, there were only
7 people living here. And because it was built not too
long ago, the design of the city didn’t come about
organically. It was measured and developed according
to plan. The city’s blueprint is an almost perfect grid, with
the Ekimae Avenue (north to south) and Odori Park
(east to west) as the main axes. Much of the public
infrastructures, like the subway system, were built in
preparation for 1972 Winter Olympics.

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Tokyo, Japan Free and Easy Tour

Tokyo is full of excitement place for a four day free and
easy holiday. With amazing food and marvels to wonder at
everywhere, you’re sure to keep busy – and probably wish
you had more time to explore at the end of your trip!

Tokyo, Japan’s busy capital is a rare mix of ultra-modern
skyscrapers and traditional historical temples. Tokyo is a
beautiful tourist city that boasts of constant change,
reinvention, and renewal. On the outside
Tokyo looks like
any technologically advanced modern city, however it is
home to some world famous traditional and historical
landmarks. So if you are greeted with modern sky rise
buildings, rest assured you can also expect to see
ancient monuments sprawled across the city.

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