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Member / Accredited / Affiliated :

General Requirements:

    - Duly accomplished and signed
          APPLICATION FORM (A4 Size)
    - Original Passport – 6 MONTHS VALID
    - 2 pcs. Colored Picture with WHITE
          BACKGROUND, 4.5cm x 4.5cm
    - Latest Income Tax Return
    - Original Bank Certificate
    - NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
          (issued within a year)
    - NSO Marriage Contract
            (issued within a year)
    - Authorization Letter
            (for Visa Filing and Pick-up)
    - Daily Schedule in Japan

For Employee:

Original Employment Certificate
Approved Leave of Absence

For Businessman:

Copy of Business Permit from SEC or DTI
Copy of Business Permit of Mayor’s Permit

For Students/Child:

Original Affidavit of Support of Parents/Guardian
Photocopy of School I.D.

For Retiree:

Photocopy of Senior Citizen Card or Retirement
Original Copy of Marriage Contract
  (if travelling with spouse)
Affidavit of Support if Senior is dependent

NOTE: Additional Requirements:

1.) Exemption of Birth Certificate and Marriage
    Contract (if the applicant has his/her
    passport (old or valid) with a used
    Japanese Visa).

2.) If Birth Certificate from NSO is unreadable, or
    if there is no record in NSO, together with
    “Certificate of Non-Record” from NSO
           Birth Certificate from Local Civil Registrar

3.) If Birth Certificate is LATE REGISTRATION
           Baptismal Certificate
           School Record (form 137)
           School Yearbook (if applicable)