Pagsanjan Falls Day Tour

P 5,800.00 per person


Roundtrip transfer Manila-Laguna-Manila
River Hotel-Falls-River Hotel transfer
Boat Riding to the falls
Lunch on the Riverside Hotel

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It is  an  exhilarating,  spine-tingling, andrenaline- pumping,
two - hour   boat  ride  from  the  Bumbungan  River  to   the
"Pagsanjan Falls", whose booming water cascades down the
300-feet cliff in full view. The falling waters fill the place with
thunderous   sound.  Traveling  along   the  watercourse  and
shooting the 16 roaring rapids is definitely one big heart and
nerve-breaking adventure.

Pagsanjan, the tourist capital of the province of Laguna   

One   of the  premiere   world - class  tourist   destinations  in  the
Philippines, is gifted  with natural wonders and scenic views. It is
inarguably   famous  for its rapids. These aesthetic features of the
town  attract  tourists   for whom man-made and initiated tourism
support accommodations, facilities and services are focused.

The  main  attraction  of  the town is its natural wonders-the stark
natural  beauty  of  the  Pagsanjan River, the awe-inspiring gorge,
the breathtaking roaring rapids, and the spectacular world-famous
water falls, the "Pagsanjan Falls".

Actually,  the  real  name  of the majestic waterfalls is "Magdapio
Falls"  located  at  the  next town, Cavinti. However, the falls has
been  popularly  known  as  "Pagsanjan Falls" because the trip to
the   waterfalls,   referred   to   as "shooting  the  rapids", starts in
Pagsanjan, passes through part of Lumban, then Cavinti.

It begins beningly enough in the still headwaters of the river, then
rapidly  churning  to  make  it the ride of your life. You will enjoy
the thrill and adventure of shooting the rapids which is the boatride
experience of a lifetime.

On the way to the magnificent waterfalls, one may feel the relaxing
atmosphere and beauty brought by the experience of harmony with
nature. While entering the tropical gorge, one will see wild orchids,
ferns,  vines,  spiders,  dragonflies,  lizards on the rocks, chattering
monkeys  and  the  beautiful sun  rays  passing  through  the trees,
touching peaceful water and high above are the multi-colored birds
flirting in the bushes.

With the dexterity and skill of boatmen who have spent their whole
life  on  the  river,  a  navigator  and  a  pilot will safely guide your
"banca"  on  an  exciting  two-hour  journey. At times, you will be
skimming  through  the  gorge  with walls of rock mass formations
and vines  that  rise  up over a hundred meters. There will also be
times when  you  will  be tossed and twisted through the rapids as
you speed downstream to the two towering waterfalls. Depending
on the waterheight, there are a total of 12 to 16 rapids altogether.
Upon reaching the last major waterfalls, you can transfer from the
banca  to  a  bamboo raft that will take you through the cascading
water  to  a  hidden  cave  (which looks like the profile of a devil)
formed by the walls of the gorge.
Pagsajan Falls day Tour
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