T and J Travel and Tours was   organized in 1998, as a travel  agency
providing efficient, integrated,  high-quality  travel and tourism services.
Today, it is much more than that. It has in fact one of the successful and
leading travel agency in the Philippines.

The company is an internationally recognized and accredited full service
travel company that is capable of delivering the most complete and most
efficient package for tour and travel requirements.

T and J Travel and Tours is the  lead  company in the Jeco Group of
,  a   diversified  company  in travel and also in construction
business as general building contractor and as developer of medium rise
residential   townhouses  -
 Jeco  Construction.  The  company  is  also
engaged   in  medical  service  -  
Pharma  CT Drug.  And   finally,  the
company  has  just  established  a  hotel business -
Oriental Zen Suites  
and is now operational.

The company is a member/affiliated /accredited of government agencies,
major Philippine  travel  associations, hotels and airline companies, such
as :

    1. Philippine Travel Agencies  (PTAA)
    2. Philippine Tour Operators (PHILTOA)
    3. Philippine Conventions and Visitors
       Corporation (PCVC)
    4. Department of Foreign Affairs
    5. Department of Tourism
    6. National Statistics Office
    7. International Air Transport    
       Association (IATA)
    8. Philippine Airlines
    9. Cebu Pacific

T and J  Travel  and  Tours   is  managed  and staffed by experienced
professionals  in  the  tourism  industry.  Account  officers,  tour guides,
liaison officers,  reservations and operations staff had undergone a  rigid
in-house   training   programs,   as   well  as training   provided   by   the
Department of Travel and Tours's service level standards.
Member / Accredited / Affiliated :